David and the Titans is a 5 piece original recording act performing  story telling roots country rock songs written by David Petovar on acoustic guitar. The band brings the songs to life with a solid rhythm section and electric guitars adding layers of sound. David and the Titans perform songs that have a familiar sound and message many can relate to with uptempo, toe tapping beats that get a dance floor moving. David Petovar is a captivating performer with passion and energy who’ll keep you entertained from the first song until the night’s end. The skilled musicians in David and the Titans always put on a lively show that keeps audience attention and promotes a feel good experience. The music presented has a rare genuine, authentic artistry that resonates with listeners. With the wealth of experience, David and the Titans  put on a memorable and spirited performance of songs from the albums “Lucky 7” and “The Journey” released on Strong and Free Records.