The Journeymen are a Classic Rock, R&B band from Kelowna, B.C..

The band consists of Mick Cretney on guitar and vocals, Brian Anderson on bass and vocals, John Anderson on flute, piano and vocals, and the always entertaining John Karroll on drums. 

Mick Cretney started as a bass player in university but soon found his true instrument was the guitar. He is also the lead singer for the Journeymen. Mick has played all over Western Canada, has as standing 2 month gig in Mexico every year and was invited to play in Spain last summer, of course he accepted. He also has his singles act and plays many local establishments in the Okanagan like the Yellow House, Cabanas, Lake City Casino and more. Many of you will remember Mick when he was with the Blues Healers.

Brian Anderson has played bass for over 40 years starting on a stand-up bass in high school. When he was 18 he sold his long red hair to purchase his first electric bass and he never looked back. He adds very strong bass to the rythme section and tasty harmonies to the vocal mix. Brian has played in many bands including Union Street, Blues Tribe and was the original bass player for Doug & the Slugs.

John Anderson has been playing flute since the age of 15 and if you like Jethro Tull you will love John’s flute playing. He also plays piano and adds excellent harmonies. John has been in the Okanagan for 20 years and has played with numerous Okanagan musicians from Salmon Arm to Penticton. If you ask any of them who is the best flute player they know only one name will come up. John was also a member of Union Street along with his brother Brian.

Master time keeper John Karroll is best known for his work with the Karroll Brothers, one of Western Canada’s top Hard Rock groups of the 70’s and 80’s. He has kept his hands in the business ever since. as a musician, promoter and almost every phase of the business.